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This information was taken from "Douglas County - Tales and Towns". Compiled by Workers of the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progres Adinistration in the State of South Dakota. 1938

     Second in size among Douglas County Town is Delmont with a population of 518, in which the German element predominates. This town lies 13 miles southeast of Armour on U.S. Highway 18, and is a station on the Milwaukee branch line. Surrounded by some of the best farm land in South Dakota. Delmont is a shipping point for many carloads of grain and livestock annually. Three elevators are kept in operation throughout the harvest season, and even during drought years some crops are raised in this locality.

     Among the thirty or more enterprises which make up the Delmont business district are three general stores, a hotel, two restaurants, three filling stations, two produce stations, two hardware stores two lumber yards, two implement stores, two garages, a furniture store, bank, hatchery, drug store and a weekly newspaper known as the Delmont RECORD.

     The town has a four-year accredited high school with an average enrollment of 60 students.

     Religious institutions in delmont include five churches of various denominations.

Train Depot001.jpg

Above is an early picture of the Delmont Depot. On the left side in front of the depot is a very early model of the Dray Service vehicle. I believe it to be a vehicle with steel wheels. is it motorized maybe with steam? Robbenault was one individual that ran a dray service in Delmont. The first train to pass thru on November 20 1886.

Delmont Main Street001.jpg

The early picture of main street shows a street car coming down the street. Delmont never had a street car but it was added for an incentive for people to come to Delmont. This picture is looking east.

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