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Nearly completed construction of the Opera Block! The Opera Block replaced the Chris Wieland Hardware Store. this was built by Mr. E. Hahn, Charles Meyer and Mr. Beier, who sold it to Mr. J.W. Stevens.


An early image of the Opera Block. The lower level was a hardware store at the time.

K and D Grocery001.jpg

K&D Grocery Store managed by Ken and Don Peters.

The Opera Block and Haisch Building (across the street on the corner) were under construction at the same time. The door sills of the Opera Block building and the Haisch Building are done in mosaic tiles. There are still some tiles on the sill on the west end of the Opera Block. The building was originally built for a hardware store. A barbershop was in the back on the west side. eventually Matt Loos moved his grocery store into the east side.

The second story was completed for entertainment. Before the school had added on a gymnasium, many school functions were also held on the second floor. Silent movies, dances, plays, winter fairs and the home of the American Legion are just some of the activities that took place on the second floor. Even Lawrence Welk performed at the Opera Block in 1923.

There were two fires in the building occurred  during the same year in its history. The pillars supporting the roof  are still black from a fire.  

Matt Loos was the first proprietor of the grocery store. Then Kenny and Don Peters bought the store and it was known as K&D Market. When Lee and Hilda Williams bought it, it was known as the Delmont Mercantile. After retirement Gary and Marsha Schelske were owners and managers and the name was changed to Gary's Market. After several years Curt and Marsha Green managed the "Family Country Store. Dick Strid bought the building in 1987, and Dick and Earla managed the store until June of 2004.

Opera Block004.jpg

A photo taken in the early 2000's. At the time the lower level was home of Dick's Market.

Below is an article from the Delmont Record dated August 28, 2008. Along with the article by Sam Grosz is a picture of Dick Strid holding a poster he had made concerning Lawrence Welk performing at the Opera Block Building in 1927. Also included in the article is a history about the Opera Block.

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