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Delmont's Churches Past and Present

Education and religion have always been an important part of life for the citizens of Delmont. The first services were probably held in homes as in any other community. Probably one of the first services to be held in a public facility were in the first school. Rev. Button, a Baptist minister, was the first clergyman.

Delmont currently has two churches located within the city limits. There are more in the rural areas surrounding Delmont. And, of course, many congregations have merged with other churches and many have disbanded altogether. Some church buildings have been destroyed by fire or demolished by twisters and other fates of nature.

Delmont United Methodist

Formerly located at 207 W. Main Street

The first church in Delmont was the United Methodist Church. It started in 1883 with Mr. Wheeler conducting services until Rev. J. Doty came. It was known as East Choteau Methodist Church. The name was changed to Delmont United Methodist Church in 1886. The current building was dedicated in 1900.
The Delmont United Methodist Church closed its door June, 2004. The building has been bought by the Koehn Brothers Funeral Home. The building will be used as a chapel.
The chapel was destroyed in the May 10, 2015 tornado.

Bethany United Church of Christ

300 W. 3rd Street

The Bethany Reformed United Church of Christ began in 1886. At that time the church was in the country 5 miles north and 1/2 mile east. It was known as the Neusatz Congregation. In 1894 they built their first church, which was moved into town in 1903. The Neusatz Congregation Church had their first services in 1886 with the Rev. R.M. Hofer. The Bethany United Church of Christ was sold to private individuals. It was destroyed in the May 10 2015 tornado.

Hope Lutheran - AFLC

202 S. Wilson Street

Hope Lutheran Church was founded in 1901 by Rev. Christian Goecken as part of the Iowa Synod. The congregation first met in the school, and built their first building in August 4, 1901. The church building as we know it today was built in 1928 and the first parsonage purchased in 1939 and another larger home in 1944.  The parsonage was sold after Hope elected in 1968 to form a two-point parish with First American Lutheran Church of Tripp, SD.  In 2010, the parish voted to affiliate with the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations.  

Zion Lutheran - LCMS

101 S. Seaman Street

The first Pastor Martin Waechter conducted services in homes and schools in Delmont. Zion Lutheran was organized in 1898. The first church building was erected in 1908. It is built entirely of brick in Gothic style with a 100 foot steeple. It contains priceless imported stained glass windows and the oldest Tracker-action pipe organ in Eastern South Dakota, which has been nominated to the Organ Historical Society.

This church and organ were also destroyed in the May 10,2015 tornado. 

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