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The Delmont Volunteer Fire Department was organized on November 23,  1903. Their current fire station was built in 2014-2015, but then the Mother's Day Tornado of May 10, 2015 destroyed it. It was rebuilt and dedicated in 2016.

The Delmont Volunteer Firefighters provide firefighters, first responders, and EMT's for the Delmont Rural Fire Protection District.  The District covers parts of Charles Mix, Douglas and Hutchinson counties; including the communities of Delmont, Greenwood and Clearfield Colonies (approximately 175 miles).  
The Delmont Fire Department currently has 20 members.  These dedicated volunteers are ready and willing to answer any call. any time, for any reason.  

This 1923 Luverne Pumper "Bertha" has been retired, can be seen at the Delmont Fire Hall. It is still running and can often be seen in local parades

Fire Dept001.jpg
The back of the photo says: The Farmers Union Building caught fire in the fall of 1940 - total loss.
The firemen appear to be washing off the soot and cooling down from fighting the fire.
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