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Baker Wegehaupt & Co. 1910.jpg

Dick's Market was the last grocery store in Delmont. It was located in the Opera Block building which is still standing.

The Baker Wegehaupt building was built in 1910. The Delmont Mercantile was a grocery store managed by Lee and Hilda Williams. It was demolished in the early 1990's.
GF Buche Ad001.jpg
GF Buche Ad003.jpg

Above is an ad from the Delmont Record in the 1900's or 20's. G.F. Buche store was located in the building east of the Opera Block.  There were many different grocery stores or bars and pool halls in this building. The second floor has been a lawyer's office, a hunting lodge or apartments. The building is still standing.

I know there were more grocery stores in Delmont. As I find them I will add them to the list.

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