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From Judy W
Another bit of history that Dad told me about Delmont, that I don’t know how many of you know.  If you go into the city cemetery, right when you drive in there is a very tall tombstone.  I think it is off a little to the side, but I don’t recall which direction.  That tombstone is “hollow”.  During the days of prohibition, the moonshine was brought at the dark of night and placed into that tombstone.  And
whoever was aware of that, also
procured it during the dark of night. 
I always found that a fascinating
bit of history.
From Cindy F
Now, one thing I wanted to mention to
Judy is that Orgenia Goehring Weisser
told me that she and Rollie had a long
visit with your Dad one time in
Delmont when there was some
He enthralled them with stories about
the bootlegging activities in Delmont
"back in the day."  Now, THAT sounds
like another history project for you to
talk to your Dad about, then
write this up to share with us, too.  
From D Soulek
The curiosity got the best of us,
so went to see the tombstone.  We
noticed that about the loss of the
children too. So very sad. You can
definitely tell it is hollow behind the
plaques.  Isaac and I walked the
cemetery a bit to find some very
old tombstones. What a great way to
learn about Delmont’s history.  Isaac
enjoyed hearing about the moonshine
story, of course he had trouble
that they did this to have alcohol!!
Thanks for helping us pass
this bit of history onto the next generation.  

From Cindy
You just made my day by sending the link to that famous tombstone.  Now in looking at it, I am rather impressed with the cleverness of using this to hide moonshine.  However, then it dawns on me that this is a whole family of 5 children who all died at a young age so, who in their right mind would want to mess with that tombstone??  Well, I guess if you are thirsty enough......
From Jodi 

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